Aza[chatango] was a bot on Chatango made for fun and experimental purposes. The bot's prefix was: ;

『Technical name』"Aza.12"




『Owner』Nakayama, Aiko [Chatango]

『Language』Node.JS (Javascript)



All re-written versions of Aza:

  • Azayakana.WIC
  • Azayakana2_DT
  • Azayakana 2.0.1
  • Azayakana 3.1.d.2
  • Aza4_Beta.0EfC
  • Aza4_Public
  • Azayakana.5_Alpha5.a.0_E
  • Azayakana.5_Rename
  • Aza_pT35T
  • Aza.12(Current)

Other Info

Old Aza.5 has been discontinued due to the updated version of DerpLib.

Starting new project Aza.12 public releases are unknown.


Aza is a bot that was made to brighten up the apperance of chatrooms with it's random selections of colors in it's messages. The newer versions of Aza are for collecting /public/ user data (Session id, Messages sent, and accounts to be used for simple things like "Whois" and "Users"), and entertainment.


No changes have been made to newer version.


o u o



Pie c:

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