The main feature of Chatango is the ability for you to create your own Chat Group for your web page or blog. This is a public chat, and recent messages stay in the group history. As a group owner, you can block people from your group, delete messages from it, ban words, and make group moderators.

Making a Chatroom

There are several ways to do this:

  1. When logged in, go to and press Create a public group.
  2. On the PM page, Click at the top of the page "Add a group chat to your web page."
  3. On another chatroom, click the chatango speech bubble at the bottom left corner of the chat, and choose "Make a new group."

Once at the create group page, simply input the appropriate fields.

Adding a Chat to a website

There are multiple ways to add a chat to the site the most used way is when creating the chat it gives you the option to copy a code that you put in the source code of your site. Another way is iframe ex <iframe src="chat url"></iframe>

Moderating a chat

Moderating a chat is easy, as long as you know how to follow the rules you put up for the chat. It is best to give users at most three warnings before a ban.

FAQ group ban delete

Moderator Settings

Settings (For Chat Administrator)

Add/Remove Moderators allows you to, as the name says, add and remove moderators from the chat room. 

Unban users allows you to unban any users you have banned on the chat room.  
Easy Ban Derp
Edit Group allows the owner to change the title of the group and edit the description. (No Longer Allows HTML) 
Banned Words allows the owner to censor any words they want to on the chat room.  
Delete all messages, as the name says, allows you to delete every message in the chat room.  
Slow Mode allows you to limit the time between each posted message. 
Get code for your group allows for you to get an HTML code of the Chat Room you are on.


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