Eevee and Friends

Me and My Friends!

Species : Espeon [Sun Pokemon]
Type : Psychic
Abilities : Synchronize/Magic Bounce
Region : Johto

Espe (Also Espeon41) is currently inactive in chatango and has deleted his account. His Skype is classified, and he will kill me when he finds out I edited the wiki.


Being food, picking on SweetCandyEevee.


This is the pre-evolved form,Eevee.It is known to have a meadow,where it sleeps most of the time (With a sign reading "No females allowed").It loves to play with flowers and friends.


This form is a Glaceon. It is very playful and is known to use Ice Beam to skate around in areas where there is no ice. This form is also a good parent and a good cook.It carries a cardboard box filled with cotton,which it calls as a 'Cotton Box',for sleeping in it,under the shade of trees.


As Eevee.


Glaceon Form.


This Espeon is a pain in the butt but he's lovable by all and will protect his friends.