HTML5 Mode (or Javascript mode) is a form of Chatango that can used on most phones, like Android 4+ and most iPhones and iPads. The HTML Mode was originally an alternative to the normal flash mode of Chatango, though has now become the standard.

Flash Version

Most platforms will now direct you to the HTML5 format, though the option to revert back to Flash is available in the top right corner of the Full Chat.

Example: Flash Version Link HTML5 Version Link or


  • Further customization of chatrooms
    • The ability to remove the "People Here Now Counter"
    • Slow Mode Toggling
    • The ability to ban certain words, links, pictures, and YouTube videos.
    • Posting a message by the chatroom that varies and posts every few minutes.
    • The Ability to set other "admins" with assorted permissions that only the creator originally had such as "Edit Group" and "Banned Content".
  • Adding pictures.
  • Changing text color and background color
  • Using PMs, albeit in a limited version in comparison to the Flash version
  • Easier use for users with slow internet.


  • You cannot check your block list in Private Messages.
  • You can't crop your icon on HTML5 mode.
  • Some smileys have been removed in this version.
  • You cannot flag messages.
  • The unban history is not available.
  • In the Flash version, you were able to see a small description of the profile of an user by hovering your mouse in the user's image. This function is not available on HTML5.
  • You cannot see the names of anon users in the users' list.
  • In the app, you can't join a Chat Group, unless you had visisted one outside of the app.

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