Haqua is a bot for Chatango made by ShiroeHellscythe with Python 3 and the help of TheClonerx. She have a rank system up to 6 ranks and 1 special:

  • Kami (6)
  • Kanrisha(5)
  • Tenshi (4)
  • Eiyuu (3)
  • Kitsune (2)
  • Whitelisted (1)
  • Nothing (0)
  • Death Noted (-1)

Every rank has their respective cmds, you can simply type ?cmds. No need to register. Actually, the rank is useless, because all users starts with the rank 2 (Kitsune) wich gives you the most useful commands.

You can find Haqua in the chat base: The Gray Garden. She can speak Spanish and English (English version is finished!). Can consult the changelog for more development information. Unfortunately, it's only in spanish... Enjoy translating!

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