Lateritious is a user who often uses the chat known as Nova. Many people call him Chris but he is also known as Link due to his old username being "Linkxyz". Although he seems quite regular, this man is actually trapped in time due to a curse and because of this he cannot forget the horrific acts he has committed on chatango. Most people have forgotten what he has done which is why he takes it upon himself to remind everyone of how much of a terrible person he once was. This way of thinking has lead to his iconic catchphrase "The past can never be forgotten". Being unable to forget the horrors of his past and unable to live within the present has left him trapped within limbo for many years. There is only one way to free himself from his painful existence and that is to follow the prophecy and defeat Onoxdorf once and for all. Then and only then will this poor man be able to forget and leave the past behind.

Link (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

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Although he seems to be quite passive, this is all an act as he enjoys to start arguments and then begs for the argument to end. There is clearly some higher form of trolling going on but many people fail to see this.


Playing pokemon


Starting drama









Chris's ethnicity is known to be half Caucasian American and half Mexican.

Chris was once a mod for a day at Novastorm chat, but lost his modship due to the fact he unbanned a notorious pedophile known as Alec.

Chris has damaged countless relationships with his previous friends due to his affinity towards betrayal and backstabbing.

Chris is known to be very emotional and sees a therapist because of this.

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