Nic (2006).

Originally known under the alias, sonicpokemon, Nic has become akin to that of a cult classic throughout the existence of Chatango. The amount of information revolving around this individual is overwhelmingly bizarre, something to which a single Wiki page may not be able to explain without the help of several contributors. On the surface, Nic is seen as a twisted narcissist with a complete sense of discontent towards Chatango. Currently, he is banned across several chatrooms due to his infamous reputation and use of cheap ploys and exploits. It is known that Nic resides in Barrykun's b0tty chatroom to which he remains, though not actively, a regular.

Before Chatango

With the help of his grandparents, Nic gained access to the Internet at the early age of six years old. Assuming that Nic was born in 1994, this would mean that he would of been exposed to the world wide web between the years of 1999 or 2000.

Nic's story begins on Neopets, a web-based children's game where users raise virtual pets. This is where he meets Mi na Namkuhng, known these days as Jessica for reasons unknown. Mi na possessed an "ULTRA RARE" paintbrush, an in-game item that allows you to re-color your pet. Nic sends out a message to Mi na (in the form of a Neomail) requesting if she would be generous enough to give him this "ULTRA RARE" paintbrush. Her answer would be an obviously, resounding "no."



Not being used to being told "no" by anyone before, Nic unleashed a full-scale, virtual assault against Mi na on Neopets' message boards.

An acceptable theory is that Nic experienced a tragic end, socially. Age would be a factor against him, as Mi na is roughly four years older than him (and would of been ten years of age during this time). Mi na would have likely been an active member of a guild (group), giving her the numbers needed to slay a six-year old boy who just logged onto the Internet for the first time.


A possible dramatization of Mi na and Nic's battle on Neopets.

Eventually, Mi na and Nic would put aside their differences and form a friendship. Exactly how this comes about (or why) remains unknown. Perhaps they both realized how autistic it was to bully each other over a fucking paintbrush that has no real-life value whatsoever. Maybe Mi na pitied Nic and ultimately gave him the stupid paintbrush.

Or maybe Mi na and Nic were banned from Neopets for all intent and purposes.

Regardless, Nic would leave behind Neopets with some EXP in being an Internet bad-ass. And don't forget, he befriends his childhood arch-nemesis, Mi na, who goes on to eventually become his soulmate(?). This is an impressive feat for a boy who's balls haven't even dropped yet. Way to go, Nic!

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An older Mi na, also known as Nihongo on Chatango. Notice her use of the flower filter, a common pet-peeve of Nic's.

Worlds Chat is a 3-D chat client where people come to socialize in various rooms. It operates the same way as Chatango would, but only with the added 3-D environment. Worlds Chat is like an acid trip gone terribly wrong, a program stuck in the 90's that is full of expired advertisements, outdated graphics, and full of broken code that is taken advantage of by the few users who remain there. Of course, during the time Nic joined Worlds Chat, it was probably active to some extent.

So the significance here is that Nic meets and befriends his next childhood comrade-in-arms, Jamal Williams. According to Mi na, she and Nic met Jamal in Ground Zeroes (a room?) where Jamal was arguing with another user about his pet squirrel. Of course, Jamal was supposedly seven or eight years of age during this time. And kids these days tend to argue about far worse things than their pet squirrel, so we forgive you Jamal.

Worlds was a testing ground of sorts for Nic to become an even bigger Internet bad-ass. As for Jamal, Worlds provided him a gateway into black-hat hacking. No one knows what Mi na achieved through this, however. She may have separated herself slightly to work on her real-life goals and aspirations. She is Asian, after all.

Although Neopets and Worlds Chat seem to hold the most meaning to Nic, there were other various sites that further educated him on the art of being an Internet bad-guy / bad-ass. Sites such as Habbo Hotel, Club Penguin, IMVU, and Bebo are just few of places he recalls having logged on to.


This is Ground Zeroes, the first room you appear in when entering Worlds Chat for the first time (and potentially the room where Jamal and Nic realized their love for one another several years ago).

The importance to understanding Nic is to look back on his history. Although, for the most part, his backstory is told through a strings of hearsay and assumptions, one can easily tie together the reasoning as to why Nic is Nic by thinking back on his past Internet explorations. Nic's tactic of going against groups of people, for instance, on Chatango dates back to his times on Neopets where he fought against Mi na's (possibly others') guilds. The few coding that Nic has picked up on, his use of bots and other resources such as botnets which are used to cause a denial-of-service attacks throughout Chatango, could be dated back to his time spent on Worlds Chat.

Another important bit of information surrounding Nic's past is his meeting of another childhood friend, Alisa (Aly). No, she is not the same user who owns the Aly account on Chatango, but instead happens to be known as boundlessreverie. Likely to have met while Mi na and Nic played ToonTown Online, Aly would go on to join the trio as they eventually join Chatango in late-2006. She's basically a Mary Sue to Nic's backstory, however she plays a minor role in the drama that unfolds in the now-defunct chatrooms Anime1Chat and Hell.

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A rare selfie of Nic and Aly.

So let's summarize what Nic's time before Chatango was like. At the early age of six years old, he met and engaged in virtual warfare against Mi na on Neopets because she would not give him an "ULTRA RARE" paintbrush. After Nic's crushing defeat, he befriends Mi na (somehow) and eventually makes his way to a cancerous, 90's 3-D chat program called Worlds Chat. During this time, he befriended an aspiring black-hat, black hacker named Jamal who probably taught him a thing or two in the dark arts. It was also during this time that Nic stumbled upon Aly while playing ToonTown Online, who steals Mi na's role as top Waifu later in life for a short amount of time.

He was able to do all of this before joining Chatango in 2006.


As mentioned earlier, Nic joined Chatango originally as sonicpokemon, which is now an abandoned chatroom. Interestingly enough, the username is very fitting of the kind of past that Nic had. Being into animated animals such as Neopets and ToonTown Online, his first video game being Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the SEGA Genesis, and Mi na frequently scolding him for being so terrible at playing Pokemon... sonicpokemon.

There is no telling what Nic did on Chatango beyond using it as an alternative to Xat. More than likely, he used Chatango as a means to talk to Mi na, Jamal, and Aly. If he were to have been a part of a chatroom during this time, it would have probably been one that was centered around Pokemon or gaming in general. Or anime.

Nic's "BiG" Debut

What Nic is best known for is his deliberate act of re-branding and reselling the Chatango themes of a well-known Chatango user, BiG. No one is sure why Nic targeted BiG, also known as Daisy Sanders, in particular. If Nic's history is any indication, BiG must have denied him -something- during their time in the Union chatroom. Basically, the "ULTRA RARE" paintbrush scenario all over again: BiG likely denied giving Nic a theme that he may have wanted at the time, may have denied teaching him how to make themes, or may have even denied HIM an e-relationship for all we know.

Regardless, thanks to the help of Jamal and possibly Barry, Nic was able to secure the majority of BiG's early works and not only resell them for his own monetary profit--but he even declared his themes as his own work. Nic's method of distributing her themes seem to have gone like this:

  • Creating a throw-away Chatango account such as ProTheme1 with BiG's full profile code applied to the account's page.
  • Attaching said username under an URL, which gave Nic an extra source of (although limited) income should someone click it.
  • Announcing that he would sell each theme for one dollar.

There is no confirmed amount of money that Nic has earned by doing this, though he seems to brag about how he was able to buy at least one "new PS3 game" thanks to this. Eventually, Nic would no longer continue this method due to the rest of the Chatango community catching on to his antics.

He would be banned from several chatrooms because of this, along with being shunned by several others.

Africa, pt. I

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