Non-Registered Users are those who haven't made a Chatango account.


More information here.


An Anon is the first thing you log in as when you open a chatango chat. It's a user that has the word "Anon," and then a 4 digit number after it. (For example, Anon1234.) Very basic.

Anons do not have profiles or pictures and are restricted to links only because the picture links will not embed. They also cannot use colors or font size, though they are able to make their fonts bold or italic. 


Temporary name

Temps (short for temporaries) are almost exactly the same as anons, the only difference being that the name is customizable.   

Prejudices Against Anons

Anons are known to face strong prejudice in many chat rooms due to the fact they are often associated with trolling, spamming and general laziness. Many chat room moderators may decide to ban anons who refuse to create accounts due to the fact it is highly likely an anon will engage in undesired behaviors such as spamming, trolling and other low effort activities.