Originals are Chatango Slang for accounts describing specific names or objects. (e.g. "Goku" or "Book").

An original account differs from normal accounts in that there aren't extra numbers or letters added. (e.g. "Mew" instead of "MewXOXO69") There are three different kinds of originals:

  • First names of famous fictional or non fictional characters in popular media, like anime or Pokémon. (e.g. "Eren" or "Naruto")
  • Real life names of people. (e.g. "John" or "Jess")
  • Objects, verbs, or other unusual names. (e.g. "Couch", "Box", or "Toast")

Originals are held in high value, and there are multiple different ways to get them. There is a sort of business on Chatango for selling and trading originals; it's a high source of profit. People can buy original accounts if they are 100+ days. See Dead Accounts

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