There are multiple roleplaying chat rooms throughout Chatango that focus on the Pokémon franchise. This is a list of them.

Known Chats

Pokemon Roleplay 1000  - A once very-popular chat which became dead after serious drama issues and the former owner quitting Chatango. and hence due to the owner deleting the chat a new owner has taken over that chat

Pokemon Roleplay 10000 - A chat that suffered the same fate as its predecessor. It was founded by Pika/Pichu04289, who left the chat in favor of The Eevee Clan.

The Eevee Clan - A chat that is full of drama, even to this day. It is occasionally more active than PEO.

The PokeRP - Much like its predecessors, Pokemon Role Plays 1000 and 10000, this chat wasn't nearly as famous as its formers. It was abandoned for that reason.

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