The Pink Eevee that loves candy and sweets. What else do you expect?

SweetCandyEevee (chatango) is a user on Chatango. She is a regular on the Eevee Clan.


This Eevee is usually nice and well, sweet. She is playful and loves talking to her friends. She can be a bit annoying if she talks too much though. She teases her friends but she knows when she has gone too far. She's normally pretty peaceful, at least until you make her mad. If you make her mad, you should quickly say sorry and hope she doesn't get mad again. She cares deeply for her friends in the clan and in other places. She is a bit over protective and pretty gullible and naive.

Likes and Dislikes


Basic Info

She's a sweet Eevee that loves to play and has many friends.


Bite, Tail Whip, Tackle, Covet, Quick Attack, Trump Card


Sweet things, Candy, Cute things,Espeon

There are many things she likes and dislikes but there are some main things that really get to her

  1. She hates being made a fool out of.
  2. Cybering. Absolutely no cybering her at all.
  3. She hates people who are selfish.
  4. She hates people who are desperate for things.
  5. She absolutely hates people who bully others for no reason.
  6. She hates people who bully her friends.

But there are some things this Eevee loves.

  1. Candy
  2. Playing with her friends
  3. Role playing

So as long as you don't make her mad, You're fine.


Her gijinka (human) form

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