[Feb, 2014] - Released JS Private Message

[Feb, 2014] - Added announcer bot in HTML5

[Feb, 2014] - Added support on Firefox Mobile

[Feb, 2014] - Added compability for older iOS

[Feb, 2014] - Changed connection limit to 20 per IP

[Feb, 2014] - Fixed issue: Images on chats are now clickable

[Mar, 2014] - Added font styles to HTML5 chat

[Mar, 2014] - New fonts

[Mar, 2014] - Fixed BG Issue: Users and chat owners now can use bg.

[May, 2014] - Chats now supports secure protocol transport over https url

[May, 2014] - Added mention in html5 chats "@"

[Jun, 2014] - Fixed issue: Posts will now display from newest to old

[Jul, 2014] - Fixed issue: Message removing for moderator

[Sept 18, 2014] - Added new moderator permission utility

[Sept 18, 2014] - Added auto-moderation (spam and nonsense messages)

[Sept 18, 2014] - Added Moderator Action Logs

[Sept 18, 2014] - Fixed issue: Chatango tabs are now scrollable in Firefox for Android

[Sept 18, 2014] - Added new moderator permission utility

Future updates and Current Issues

Upcoming Features:

Current Issues:

- World filter is bypassed by adding text styles

- Rate limit is shorter than usual

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